High school student planned a bomb attack against his own school

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It was a matter of time, but it is here… high school violence in the Czech Republic.

The police have a 17 year-old student in custody who is said to have planned a bomb attack against his own school and people in it, the news server reports, citing a senior investigator of the Organized Crime Department with the Czech Police. Since the suspect is under 18 the police can not disclose any details that would/could reveal the person’s true identity and there are certain restrictions media as well.

We almost had our own Columbine.

Just like the two nutcases Klebold and Harris the young Czech almost-assassin was “acting weird”, his classmates say. And he has made several announcements that “he would shoot everybody in his class and himself”.

April 20, 2009 is the 10th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre…I wonder if there is a connection with the most recent Czech case…

UPDATE:: Apparently there is! The young man made a video inspired by the Columbine shooting

The young suspect, if convicted, can go to jail for five years. (ONLY!!! -ed.)

According to the school principal who talked to a Czech Television reporter the school management still hopes that this turns out to be a juvenile joke.

UPDATE:: Apparently not. According to TV Nova news at five the student was arrested in class and search warrant was conducted in his house during which 30 police officers were present… And since the Organized Crime Department claims that they prevented a disaster, it was NOT a joke…

He wrote in his online journal: We live to experience pain, suffering, fear and death. Self-injury is the way to understand life, and I really mean it.

UPDATE MARCH 27: The police have found a plan of the school along with some explosives, several dailies claim today. The boy was transported from the police custody into a special center for juvenile offenders while the investigation continues. It does seem like he actually was planning the attack. Another piece of (somewhat circumstantial) evidence is his blog with amateur comics with Nazi topic (be advised it is very offensive!)

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  1. If you want to know what really happened at Columbine I suggest you read what the eyewitnesses had to say:

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