Twelve-hour trip to Amsterdam can cost less than $30

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blog_img_6205One advantage of living in the heart of Europe is that you can visit practically any European capital (or other city) in just a few hours. Similarly, the city of Brno is within comfortable driving distance from three Visegrad Four country capitals, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

There were many people in my Prague-Amsterdam flight who were coming back on the same day. Most of them did not have any checked luggage… just like me. Not having to wait at the conveyor belt for your big suitcase saves precious minutes and the journey from the airport to downtown Amsterdam takes only 15 minutes.

There are several things that Czechs must be fascinated about when visiting Amsterdam — like the bike-paths-everywhere towards transportation. Especially if you compare it to the odd fact that Amsterdam has no pedestrian zone in the historical center… i.e. streets and squares that would be off limits to cars. Prague has one, Avignon has one, Olomouc has one… On the other hand, we do not have brothels in historical downtowns, just like Amsterdam does, in its Red Light District. My rough count says that only 3 percent of the girls who were on display were marry-me beautiful, 30 percent were just average and the rest were, well, if-I-can-say-no-I-think-I’ll-pass. to see the gallery to see the gallery

Several items on McDonald’s menu are cheaper than in the Czech Republic. The city is very minority-friendly. Its free-thinking mentality is admirable. Even a person who hates drugs in general like me can appreciate the fact that flower market sells “cannabis kits for beginners”. Do you want it? Go ahead and try it. Do you hate drugs? OK, buy some tulips instead… That reminds me I wanted to buy a dozen but I didn’t know if you can bring them onto a plane… Speaking of which, the entire transportation costs were $30…


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  1. You should have said you we’re coming to Amsterdam, so I could’ve bought you a coffee.

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