Czechs don’t need natural distasters. They damage the country themselves

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

Earthquake hit Italy and dozens are killed. I almost missed this news item among all the Obama-related ones, as the U.S. president visited the Czech Republic last weekend (what a speech, by the way).

This country is really lucky that it does not suffer from frequent natural disasters that people elsewhere in the world are “used to” (that is my assumption, considering the fact they still live where they live) or “crushed by everytime one comes” (considering the fact that they can not move out due to poverty).

We don’t have hurricanes, tornadoes, huge blizzards, landslides, earthquakes, tropical storms, major floods (only once in every few years, the question is what you call “major”).

Czechs, on the other hand, are masters at destroying their country themselves. I am sure vandalism exists everywhere, but having visited a dozen world capitals or cities over 1,000,000 inhabitants, I must say that Czech town lead the top ten list in terms of “pointless vandalism”: graffiti, illegal dumps, littering in forests, garbage can overflowing…

I heard that every nation or culture has its own “reason” for doing so. I will choose not to mention them because I do not want to offend any particular readers. I think the Czechs’ reason can be summarized as: it is not my garden, so why should I care, or why should I carry the empty Coke bottle two blocks to the nearest empty garbage can

An ugly photo gallery coming up…


2 Responses to “Czechs don’t need natural distasters. They damage the country themselves”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, and what you say about “the empty Coke bottle” is nail on the head – when folks here do actually throw bottles away, they take them to the garbage cans as opposed to the recycling bins.

  2. Actually, if you’ve seen a dozen big cities and Prague is in top ten regarding litter… well, it could have been much worse 😉

    Other than that, it depends on with which places you compare. Budapest seems to me dirtier, Polish or Italian countryside, parts of New York etc. can be a mess (and I have never been to Russia or Asia) – but surely Vienna, Munich, central Paris, central London, central Madrid, Bourgogne countryside … are cleaner and better kept. Isn’t there a simple correlation to GDP per capita?

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