When the Polish word for “search” sounds like the Czech word for “f-ck”

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sb10067465d-001Languages, words and translations are a very tricky thing. The Czech word fakt [EN: fact] is pronounced almost the same as fucked. So when a Czech says “Fakt je…“, which means “The truth is that…“, it sounds like “Fucked yeah“.

It can get worse. Czech teen rock singer Ewa Farna is 16 years old (to be exact she is half Czech, half Polish). She recently recorded a single with a young Polish singer [it is a YouTube link, in case you filter them].

Ewa Farna

Ewa Farna

Halfway into the song there is the word szukam, which means “I am looking for” in Polish. Coincidentally, there is a very similar word in Czech that sounds almost the same, sukam, which means I fuck. One can’t help it to find it a little disturbing. 🙂

Especially since most teenage kids who were born “in the Czech Republic” and not the former Czechoslovakia have big problems understanding Slovak, although the two languages are mutually intelligible. The Polish language is harder to understand, so I wonder whether Czech kids even know what Farna is singing about.

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