Nazi swastika spray-painted on a house owned by the city

In Brno, Law on April 13, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

The municipality of the City of Brno (or one of its boroughs) does not care much about its property. It has been ignoring a serious violation of the law. Some vandal spray-painted the Nazi swastika on the facade of an old “apartment building” owned by the city. True, the city owns many buildings and it can not guard and control them all, but still…


According to the Czech Penal Code it is against the law to “promote movements that oppress people” (rough translation). In other words, swastika in public is against the law, even if spray-painted as an act of vandalism that does not reflect the graffiti author’s actual political views. I am almost sure that this act of vandalism is football-related…


A private house (wall/fence/etc.) owner can be ordered by authorities to remove such graffiti at their own expense and they can seek compensation in court if the vandal is actually convicted. I wonder why it does not work the same way with a house that is owned by the city.

The truth is that the house is not located on a busy street in terms of pedestrian numbers and drivers who drive by have to pay attention to traffic lights. On the other hand, it can be seen by foreign tourists who arrive at the Zvonarka bus terminal. It is right across the street.

NOTE: the house is not abandoned/evicted. Coincidentally, only the first floor apartment that can be seen on this photo happens to be empty.

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