Future high school students to take their tests

In Education & Science on April 23, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka

There are no school districts  in the Czech Republic, so students can basically choose any school they want. Most high schools specialize in particular social or natural sciences, languages, sports, etc. There are schools where you will have French twice a day, and there are some that will make you a future Nobel Prize material.

However, this is also the reason why almost all high schools choose their future students and have them take complex and tough written tests. Let’s say a school plans to open three classes of freshmen next September, so out of 2,000 applicants only 90 can get in (3×30)…

Oh yeah, classes. With some exceptions, Czech schools (elementary, junior high and high schools) are organized into classes of 25-30, which means you spend four years of high schools with the same people. And since there are desks for two, students often have the same deskmate all year.

The risk of not being accepted means that student often choose safety nets (schools they don’t want to attend, but they apply anyway because they know they can get in, so just in case…).  BUT! They can send THREE applications but almost all schools have the tests on the same days, so technically one of the applications gets wasted because students can physically attend/take part only in two testing days…

Whoever invented this probably failed math in high school…


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