The Brno Reservoir: almost no water and some ruins of a flooded village

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The Brno Reservoir is a major “free time destination” of Brno citizens.  It offers hiking trails, beach volleyball courts, beaches … including a nude beach… biking paths, etc. However, its water quality is far from normal. In fact once it gets a little hotter, it is considered unusable due to cyanobacteria contents. In other words…it is green. Which is why it is going to look like this this summer:


The reservoir will be almost “empty” so that specialized treatment can take place and the most toxic mud will be excavated. There will be even less water than there is now…which is expected to reveal the ruins of the abandoned village that was flooded when the reservoir was built…


There are experts who say it should work – finally. And there are other experts who say it is useless because the water “quality” will worsen again because many upstream villages have old WWTP’s (or none at all) and their effluent water composition is what makes water green.

Either way: people still visit the beaches even though they can not jump in and swim. And now they take walks in the dry river bed…


2 Responses to “The Brno Reservoir: almost no water and some ruins of a flooded village”

  1. Wow, a beach where you can’t go in the water, how sad. Even though I’m not much of a swimmer, it’s nice to be able to cool off. Well maybe some day it will be better, and then I will visit this clothing-optional beach!

    Some of the Intimacy Retreats I lead with my husband are at clothing-optional beaches.

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