Charter flights between Prague and Miami cancelled before they started

In Czech Tourism, Economy, Travel on April 28, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

skyeuropeThousands of Czechs were expected to visit the United States on Prague-Miami flights when the visa regime ceased to exist a few months ago. Travel agencies thought that with the favorable exchange rate they would fly some 7,000 tourists to Florida.

Nope. According to the server Czech Airlines withdrew from the route and so did the Travel Service charter airline. Both due to small demand.

I remember there were times when “summer holiday” in the U.S. WAS indeed ridiculously expensive. Airline tickets, visa fees and the fact that any immigration officer can send you home even if you have a hotel reservation and a return ticket — South Beach and Florida landmarks just weren’t worth it. Now the prices are much better, but Czechs -naturally- save money on things they need the least.

For example being fined by a beach buggy cop for sunbathing topless. I know, I know, Florida is more open-minded about this, but still 🙂


One Response to “Charter flights between Prague and Miami cancelled before they started”

  1. Well come to South Beach Miami where topless is the norm and go norht to Haulover Beach where nude is the norm. Hotel prices have dropped in recent weeks and flights from Germany, Italy, and the UK are regularly scheduled. I have met only a couple of CZ people here but Germans are a dime a dozen.

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