The Brno Museum Night: free entry six to midnight and a lot to see

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It is one of the coolest traditions cultural institutions in Brno have to offer. Every year in May, this year on May 16 (this Saturday) people can visit numerous places for free, and at night.

It is called the Brno Museum Night and it is held from six p.m. to midnight.

Galleries, museums, exhibition halls, churches… There is a HUGE exhibition devoted to Brno functionalism at the Spilberk Castle right here in Brno. Gotta see that.

The organizers promise a variety of accompanying events: seminars, painting workshops, night sky watching, fashion shows, vintage car show, sword fighting… or fireworks. And there will be some Roma fortune tellers as well.

Coming to Brno this weekend sounds like a brilliant idea.

Michal Kasparek of noticed the English version of the event website. Really helpful!

🙂 Is there any female expat out there who is not busy on Saturday evening and who would want to go? My e-mail is on the “About” page 🙂

One Response to “The Brno Museum Night: free entry six to midnight and a lot to see”

  1. If you intend to attend some of the events on Saturday and twit from your phone about experience from shows, exhibitions, cafes and bars , please contact us at info at brnopolis dot eu.

    Join our hyperlocal media experiment, more (in Czech) at

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