The Vanessa Hudgens “scandal” and Czech family movies. Good to compare

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DISCLAIMER: This post might not be suitable for minors
and conservative readers

A reminder to begin with: A few years ago Vanessa Hudgens took a few pictures of herself that she wanted to give to her then-boyfriend. The photos leaked and surfaced…on the Internet. They were nudes, not porn.

And yet she felt like she had to apologize to her fans who might have felt offended by… well, something we all do all the time, i.e. get naked.


Czech Republic, April 2009: TV Nova airs a certain 1981 Czechoslovak movie about a shy construction worker apprentice who seems to have zero luck with women [IMDb link]. The movie was scheduled for primetime program, i.e. 8:00 p.m. And this scene is what viewers can see about 20 minutes into the movie:


Yes, about 10 girls go swimming in a pond later in the evening. They are 15-16 years old… and they are naked.

Yes, pre-1989 communist cinematography sometimes consisted in having naked teen girls in few-second shots in family movies and comedies, if it fit the script and if it was obvious that this is what people do.

Back in the 1990’s when the same aforementioned TV station aired Beverly Hills 90210 I always hated scenes in which actors engaged in sex, the scene would fade to black and the next scene would show the male protagonist waking up wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Guys under 30 do NOT get dressed after sex. Never ever…

3 Responses to “The Vanessa Hudgens “scandal” and Czech family movies. Good to compare”

  1. i love u vanessa. u r so pretty. i love your songs and i think you should do a show with sac.i think you and sac make a perffec match!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. u r the best artist in the world………

  3. I finally found the nude video, most of the sites I’ve seen are scams but they’re streaming the video over at (it’s free but I have no idea how long it’ll stay up obviously) if it stops working they uploaded a backup to with the nude pictures on there as well

    I never expected to see her naked!!

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