The CIAF airshow cancelled and moved due to scheduled traffic and cutbacks

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The traditional CIAF air show hosted by the Brno International Airport will not take place here in September, the Brnensky denik daily wrote. The event will probably move to the airport in the city of Hradec Kralove that has general aviation and military movements only.

Of course the reasons why this decision was made are debatable: the organizers argue that the development of scheduled-traffic operations has made the event more complicated to organize, but the immediately add that the decision was also prompted by the fact that local authorities didn’t want to sponsor the event as much as they did in the past.

What “development” are they talking about? There are only three routes served by BRQ: to Prague, London and Moscow.

The Brno airport is located very close to two boroughs and the local people complained repeatedly about the noise and other things that bothered them: especially the fact that local businesses saw no benefits of this event, as all short-time profits were made by concession stands, restaurants, etc. built at the airport just for the event… not local pubs or hotels…

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