Can you “punch” a woman, if she is in the armed forces?

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42-19509721A friend of mine was recently involved in a bar fight. The most unusual bar fight I have ever heard of because it revolved around a discussion about the involvement of the Czech armed forces (mostly special ops) in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. In other words, peacekeeping units.

He is what you might call mother-nature-leftist person, i.e. one who is anti-war, anti-globalisation etc. In the same bar there were two off-duty female soldiers who kept making toasts and mentioning places they have been to and survived. When he approached them and asked them something along the lines of “Do you have to do it in public? Your assignment in Iraq that I strongly disagree with cost me my taxpayer money and it has zero effect”, one of the soldiers grabbed him just like Homer Simpson grabs Bart when he is about to choke him.

Since he is the make love, not war type the two only pushed each other back and forth several times and he backed off — but another friend that was there with us said that if you are involved in what might be called a fight with a female you know  has “the skills to kill you”, the police and the judge will consider YOU the weaker one.

Even a person like me who thinks that any man who “puts his hands on a woman in a mean way” shall spend the rest of his life in jail must admit that this is a very interesting legal argument.

Before 2004 when the Czech Republic still had one-year mandatory army service for men pub fights involving soldiers were relatively frequent. Now the army is professional and all soldiers, if in uniform, wear name tags at all times.


One Response to “Can you “punch” a woman, if she is in the armed forces?”

  1. Yes. If the Czech woman is in army instead of sex club, she must be either dyke or ugly.

    So in either instance, it is ok, and is recommended for a person to punch her.


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