European Parliament elections: egg throwing and naked photos of the PM

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eu_flagApproximately 25 percent of Czechs are believed to have cast their vote on Friday and Sunday, as Czech are selecting their future representatives in the European Parliament. Results are expected on Sunday, even in small constituencies that have – let’s say – a few dozen voters whose votes can be counted in ten minutes.

If compared to the previous EP elections, we could see that the opposition Social Democrats used purely national issues in the elections – i.e. issues that have nothing to do with the EP agenda. I call it manipulation with “simple-minded people” who prefer social state to personal responsibility and an extended hand (Gimme, gimme) to personal efforts to do something about one’s life.

Plus, the leader of the opposition Social Democrats, Jiri Paroubek, showed that he is a damn hypocrite. When people started throwing eggs at him during rallies, he claimed that it was a conspiracy orchestrated by the governing coalition senior party, ODS, just before the elections. But when the Spanish El Pais daily published naked photos of the Prime Minister and the PM called this conspiracy as well, Paroubek criticized the PM for being paranoid. This proves that Paroubek is almost never consistent in his ideas – and he is known for changing them frequently, especially in reaction to opinion polls.


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