Mandatory voter attendance: would it work in the Czech Republic?

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eu_flagThree days after the European Parliament elections that did not attract many voters throughout Europe some political parties reevaluated their losses. The Chairman of the Czech Green Party resigned because his party did not get past the threshold it needed to win at least one chair.

And German socialists suggested that the elections be mandatory and eventual absence be fined by EUR 50. Voter attendance (“cast your vote, or pay a fine”) is mandatory in Belgium, Luxembourg, Cyprus and Greece.

Czechs have numerous reasons for not voting: one of them being the fact that they like to leave towns early in the afternoon on Friday and go to their cottage in the country. So I can imagine that having mandatory voter attendance WOULD WORK in this country.

People who are “just angry” would be forced by circumstances to cast their votes, while those who are just lazy would have to decide between paying some CZK 1,500 and voting. I am sure most Czechs know of better ways to spend this kind of money.


One Response to “Mandatory voter attendance: would it work in the Czech Republic?”

  1. I’m not one for compulsory voting, but it would be more palatable if there is a box at the bottom saying “none of the above” so that those wishing to exercise their democratic right can do so even if they don’t like any o the parties or candidates on offer …

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