Czech Army to sell bunkers and other real estate for millions

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

Do you want an old Czech Army armoured bunker or even a former armoured vehicle testing range slash proving grounds? The Czech Army is selling real estate it no longer needs, the news server writes. One of the bunkers was on sale before but nobody wanted it for more than CZK 2 million.

How do you put a price on a bunker or a testing range? You can’t really discuss the real estate market because there aren’t that many bunkers offered. However, two million is insane. They should be glad that at least SOMEONE wants it and they should sell it to the highest bid (envelope-style).

These bunkers, if sold, are often renovated by military history fans, and there are some that have been rebuilt and people live in them…

This reminds me of an episode of The Simpsons where the family is trying to sell their house because the traffic from the local airport has been rerouted and the planes on final are right above the roof. Ralph Wiggum offers three crayons and a box of milk and the family is encouraged to take it…

The army should do the same…

3 Responses to “Czech Army to sell bunkers and other real estate for millions”

  1. Hmm.. nice post. i am a property agent and i stumbled upon your website. Thanka again for the posts.

  2. Shouldn’t mostly “home-grown metaphors” be used whenever possible as the Simpsons are the ‘rosetta stone’ of popular AMERICAN culture?

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