Brno borough mayor: the city should forbid drinking alcohol in public

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

The Mayor of the Brno-stred (Brno-Center) borough Libor Stastka wants to do something about people who drink alcohol in public places. This activity is most often associated with the homeless people, some of whom spend the whole day in groups of five to ten in downtown Brno. They occupy many benches and bother people by begging for money.

According to the MF7 news server the mayor wants to define the radii of buildings within which alcohol consumption would qualify as a misdemeanor. However, this ban must be enacted by the assembly of the City of Brno, not the “small assembly” of the borough.

The radius of 50 meters shall apply to schools and school facilities, playgrounds and sports grounds, cemeteries, churches and healthcare institutions (“hospitals and policlinics”), the mayor argues.

The original radius was considered to be 20 metres, but that does not seem to be sufficient. Exceptions shall be granted to restaurants during their opening hours, if they run “gardens” (outdoor seating).

Some of the homeless people who frequent the benches on the main square in Brno have previously been quoted by some media as saying that they can always pour their alcohol into water bottles (water, or vodka? noone can tell). And that just sitting around is not against anything and it is unfair to judge by one’s clothes… “There is a girl who is dressed in GAP head to toe. It may bother me but I don’t ask her to leave,” one of them said…

Man’s got a point…


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