Flash mob in a Brno park: bring your rubber duck to a fountain

In Culture on June 23, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

duckieA very interesting flash mob is being organized for the upcoming Sunday, June 28. People are encouraged to bring their rubber bathtub ducks and let them swim in a fountain in a downtown Brno park. The participants can also use the nearby artificial stream that runs down a staircase leading into a nearby street. After the event they can give their ducks to a child who arrives to watch the event, or they can save the toy for next time.

I think I will go and observe. I do not own a rubber duck, as I do not have a bathtub in my bathroom. And I am not allowed to bring the only rubber toy that I have in my household because the rightful owner said no. Plus, I am pretty sure it would A) scare the kids, B) sink to the bottom since it is not hollow… (Not the author’s note: That’s not rubber, silly.)


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