Floods in the Czech Republic! Again. Twelve casualties reported so far

In Nature on June 25, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,


Some parts of the Czech Republic were hit by storms on Thursday night. The resulting tidal bore, falling trees and floods damaged a large part of the Novy Jicin County. So far 10 people are reported dead: some drowned but some died of various health problems and they could not be reached by paramedics on time.



People are encouraged not to travel to the affected parts of Moravia, as the main train track from Prague to Ostrava via Olomouc is damaged and even SuperCity express trains end half-way.

Storm/flood aftermath video:

And a photo gallery embedded into a news article…click on the arrow to view the photos


UPDATE JUNE 28: More regions were hit by the sudden floods over the weekend. In the South Bohemia Region several villages ordered evacuations. A tiny stream that is as wide as an elbow of an adult person became a river ten metres wide… No deaths are reported in this region, but the death toll is now 12. A volunteer fireman drowned in Moravia during the first stage of the floods…

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