Research: sixty percent of Czechs support the death penalty

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deathAccording to a recent poll that was conducted by the Public Opinion Research Centre sixty percent of Czechs would support death penalty, i.e. its existence within the Czech penal code, the Prazsky denik daily wrote.

That’s six out of ten.

In other words, the number of people who oppose it has been increasing. During the early 1990’s 87 percent were for and 13 against…”Injustice” and “wrongfully accused” are the most frequent arguments. The difference between the Czech Republic and the United States is that we do not have juries here… people who are sentenced for life (a HUGE exception here) are “found guilty” by a court (usually three judges).

The last person was executed in what is now Czech Republic (i.e. the western part of the former Czechoslovakia) in February 2, 1989.

2 Responses to “Research: sixty percent of Czechs support the death penalty”

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  2. For those of you who have some questions about the death penalty, a read of a book entitled “Picking Cotton” will have an impact. It did for me.

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