Czech Railways to lay off office workers, their colleagues will stop the trains

In Economy on July 16, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

The Czech Railways is by far the worst company in the Czech Republic in terms of reputation and popularity.

This state owned, always-deep-in-debt company is a giant enjoying its monopoly status on a market that does not know the word “competition”. There are tiny exceptions, but otherwise there is none.

The management of the company is in the process of personnel audit and it plans to lay off about one third of its directorate office workers. In other words, they are about to find out that they only need 1,000 people for what 3,000 people have been doing so far (the numbers are just examples!).

The company receives our money, i.e. money from the state budget, i.e. from people who never use their services and from people who have to use them because they have no other option. And now they are going to take use hostage by stopping trains and going on strike.

I have always felt that going on strike to prevent layoffs is dumb and absurd from the economic point of view. You can strike for better conditions. You can tell your employer something along the lines of “I deserve being paid more for what I do”… but you can’t strike (stop working) if somebody else’s job is at stake.

Well, you can stay home and sit on your ass all day, but stopping trains is insane.

The number of employees must correspond to the number the particular company can actually afford. This is simple math.

I understand that most of the “blue army” employees are only trying to save their butts because they have been working there for let’s say 20 years and they can’t do anything else… However, this is not really the case of white collar employees…

And they have to understand that I have the right to hate them and to hate the unions as such (the worst invention of the modern society) if they say in the media: “If our negotiations with the Transportation Ministry fail, we will have to show our strength”.

Isn’t it obvious? They don’t want to negotiate. Their POV is “no layoffs of unusable office workers, keep them here just so they are not fired”.

As a taxpayer, I am so f—– pissed now…


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