Google Street Car spotted in Brno. Had the mess been cleaned beforehand?

In Entertainment, Internet, Media on July 19, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , ,



The Google Street Car that is known for taking detailed pictures of the streets of world metropolises for the Street View application has recently been spotted in downtown Brno, the news server wrote. Once completed, the authors will have to work with the material, which includes blurring the faces of pedestrians.

I don’t get it.

Any TV news crew can get a footage of “people in the streets” and broadcast it numerous times as “file footage for illustrative purposes”. And it may catch a cheating young man walking hand in hand down the street with his “safety-net girlfriend”. TV news reports do not have these images blurred, so why should Google specialists do the same with still images?

I honestly hope that Google warned the municipality authorities beforehand. The main pedestrian zone and the main square where reporters met the vehicle are known for overflowing garbage cans and piles of garbage around them. So I want to believe that it had been cleaned before the Google Street Car passed by with its numerous rooftop cameras.


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