Free water in Czech restaurants: the number of initiatives is increasing

In Economy on July 23, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

For years people have paid for water in restaurants and nobody has ever thought of asking for a glass of water — for free. Of course. Restaurants sell bottled water and they make really good money on it. Let’s say that they can purchase a .3L bottle for around CZK 10 (from a wholesaler or manufacturer). They serve the same bottle for CZK 30.

Some Facebook people and water distribution companies want to urge restaurant owners to do what their colleagues in France (and elsewhere) normally do. They claim that it used to be normal during the “First Republic” (during 1920’s). Some Czech water distribution companies are owned by the French company Veolia. Hence the inspiration origin…

Of course, Czechs are smartasses so the free-water rule would have to be regulated. You can’t have a group of five people come to a restaurant where only one guy orders a beer and the remaining four ask for a jug of water. I understand that the French get water for free if they order a meal…


One Response to “Free water in Czech restaurants: the number of initiatives is increasing”

  1. I’ve never understood why Czechs are willing to pay for water twice (once as a taxpayer, then again for cash in a restaurant). Most of the time, Czechs make frugality an art form.

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