Christian Democrats oppose plans to build a new mosque in Brno

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The Brno Muslim community thinks their mosque is too small (it can accommodate 150 people) and they would like to build a new one. The number of Muslims in Brno has been increasing for some time and it is usual in a democratic society to allow religious groups to build their houses of worship. We have churches of all religions in Brno. We even have a tiny Mormon church (or is it a temple? I am not quite sure…).

But the local Christian Democrats, a Parliamentary party, oppose the idea to build a new mosque. Their arguments include the claim that “Islam can not coexist with secular state”, or the “way that Muslims treat infidels”, the Brnensky denik daily wrote.

They may say that but I don’t think that it is going to stop Muslims from believing what they believe in. You may be a religious person who never enters a church… Besides, some things that Christian Democrats believe in are just as questionable. Former Governor of the South Moravian Region Stanislav Juranek told the daily that “the region has its traditions, values and culture […] if I am a guest somewhere, you can not expect that my host will adapt”.

Juranek fails to realize one important thing: the Muslim community is already here and many of the people were born in the Czech Republic and have no Arab ancestors. Does it mean they are not entitled to their religion, just because it originates in a foreign culture? What about Buddhists? They have their temples all over the world…

The idea is  that the new mosque would include a minaret. “However, if the municipality says no, we will accept it,” said a representative of the Muslim community in Brno.

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