Cops disclosed the locations of their traffic radars. On purpose

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I have always been a big fan of strict measures towards drivers who think they own the road or who think that the 50 kph speed limit is for everyone but them, because they “drive safely”. So I didn’t mind the police hiding in bushes and clocking cars this way, even on streets where it may seem “safe enough” to go 60 instead of just 50.

(c) Wikipedia

(c) Wikipedia

The Municipal Police of the City of Brno disclosed the locations where they placed their radars. The MP website features a map of the places and the stretches of the roads/streets are even marked by a special traffic sign.

The irony is that the streets where the Municipal Police radars are being used MUST be marked with the sign, otherwise the municipal cops would not be able to do so in the first place. So I don’t see the point. Reckless drivers will check the list of locations, they will be particularly careful there — and they will step on it once they have left the clocked location and they might cause an accident somewhere else.

The MP claims that there are many locations where the radar “might be” and so the reckless drivers who enjoy speeding in the city will pay extra attention where the police want them to pay extra attention.

A map showing (in blue) a stretch of a street where the municipal police frequently place their radars. (c) MP Brno

A map showing (in blue) a stretch of a street where the municipal police frequently place their radars. (c) MP Brno

That might be true, but on the other hand the amount of fines from “surprised” drivers is always higher than the amount collected from “prepared” drivers.

Besides, “outsmarting cops” is a favorite Czech sport which includes special services provided by radio stations that have listeners call and report road accidents and traffic jams — and police patrols. In other words, drivers like to warn one another that police patrol cars are parked at particular locations and collecting fines from drivers who do not obey speed limits.

3 Responses to “Cops disclosed the locations of their traffic radars. On purpose”

  1. Yer, I’ve always found that idea a bit weird, its the same in my state, there has to be at least three signs.

    I really hate going 50 on a road that feels like you could do 60, and you could; the only reason they put 50 up is because they want you to do 60 instead of 70. So I stick to the limits, hoping that people will catch on and start doing 50, then perhaps the road will change back to 60 and I’ll be able to do 60 legally.

    • CHANCEMUSE: excellent observation! “They put up a sign that says 50 because they want drivers to go 60”. Never thought of that!!

  2. I drove about 1,000 miles in Ireland over the last two weeks and can hardly remember if I overran the speed limit. The signs make sense and I had no reason to go faster.

    On the contrary the Czech limits do not make sense quite often. Maybe the cops really count with most of the drivers going 20% over any limit. The same case is the zero alcohol tolerance here, I guess.

    I hate this hypocrisy. There should be strict punishments for those who break reasonable rules, but I don’t want others to make decisions on behalf of me.

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