Pointless vandalism: when idiots need to sign a wall on a train

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(c) Petr Bokuvka

(c) Petr Bokuvka

I generally hate people who commit crimes but lately I have been thinking I have more “understanding” for people who rob passengers in trams than for individuals who commit what may be qualified as misdemeanors — but totally pointless ones.

There is a difference between a graffiti “artist” and a person who steals a wallet: they might desperately need the money to buy food or illegal drugs, or to repay a loan to a loan shark. And so, often the crime is the last resort. It is illegal, but they “must” do it.

The son of a bitch who writes his tag on a train wall deserves his hand to be cut off. There is NO way to excuse or explain this behavior. It is pointless. It is a sport they do for FUN, so it is not like they can not live without it, and they do not do it to resolve some kind of life situation…

I know there is no way to fight this. These SOB’s always make sure noone is coming, they do their thing within seconds and they leave (which is the case of the writing on the left). But there ARE some Asian countries that have very strict forms of punishment for this and it does seem to work.

The worst thing is that these vandals damage private property (usually newly renovated facades of privately-owned buildings where all apartment owners had to chip in!!!). If there was a draft law according to which anyone who is caught damaging anything with graffiti tags would have their two fingers cut off, I would support it. But if the police brought the robber who stole my wallet to me to decide about the punishment, I would not insist on pressing charges if I were told that he was, let’s say, a homeless person who just needed the money.

4 Responses to “Pointless vandalism: when idiots need to sign a wall on a train”

  1. Yeah, it really is frustrating to see that crap sloppily strewn on new buildings and the like. And yep, I agree that “victim less” crimes committed for kicks are far worse than those committed out of desperation.

    I’m not totally anti-graffiti though. I’ve seen quite a number of good one’s. At least the people who drew them put in effort to make them aesthetically pleasing. The one in the pic looks like a chicken ran over it.

  2. >explain this behavior.
    > … and they do not do it to resolve some kind of life situation…

    Get acknowledged by your peers is a pretty strong motivation, especially when you’re a teenager.

  3. I hear you Petr. Stupid kids come from stupid parents. This is universal.

  4. I asked a young man who I had a hunch would understand graffiti culture, “how is it justifiable to write all over this tram? It represents the hard work and taxes for hundreds of families.”

    He just looked at it and said, “it’s still usable, isn’t it? Get over it. What’s the big deal?” Urrgggg

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