Another supermarket chain to charge a fee for plastic grocery bags

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

Many Czechs like to sack their groceries into small plastic bags that supermarket chains provide free of charge upon request.

As of September 1 there are only two chains left, Globus and Tesco, the news server wrote. The remaining ones charge CZK 1 (one crown) a piece. Although the bags may look like you can consider yourself lucky to use it once, they are easily reusable, especially as garbage bags.

One of the main reasons is that the supermarket chains want to reduce costs, and since they “use” (give out) millions of bags every year, the overall savings are significant.

The composition of the material(s) used to produce grocery bags has changed and the bags can be recycled easily (see below). The news server is quoting an environmentalist according to whom the information that a retailer “has to” charge one crown is excellent free publicity.

The remaining two chains that decided to have the bags for free say it is a “bonus” for their customers. Hmm… I think that it woud be a nice way to start a charity program. The bags could easily cost two crowns. It is not going to kill anyone, even the “poorest customers” and Globus could make a few million crowns a year that could be used to re-cultivate a dump, for example…

globusAlthough I may look like a normal plastic bag, all that is going to be left of me in three years is water, CO2 and biomass, thanks to TDPA. But before it happens, feel free to use me as much as possible.  –Globus bag, September 2009


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