How can she wash her genitals, said a judge on the Czech “Idol” show

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I will sue the judges, said a contestant on the Czech-Slovak “Idol” (Cesko-slovenska superstar) to the Blesk daily after she learned how the judges commented on her appearance.

Radka Semivanova, 22, wants to sue judges-singers Pavol Habera and Marta Jandova who reacted to the fact that Semivanova is overweight. According to a transcript of the off-the-air (but still on-camera) conversation, Jandova said: Pardon my French, but how can she wash her genitals?, to which Habera responded: And how can she wipe her butt?, Jandova: She can’t.

Jandova was surprised when she was asked about the insult, but later admitted she had been impolite (journalists showed her the incriminating footage).

Another strange thing is that this is a TALENT show. And yet the judges felt the need to recommend to Semivanova to stop eating hamburgers. I thought that being overweight does not disqualify you as a star singer discovered in a talent show: cf. Ruben Studdard, for example.


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  1. Yes, that´s right. Radka mother´s want the judges

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