Condoms for cigarettes: activists urge pedestrians to hand their packs over

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

You give me your cigarette pack and you will get a pack of condoms in return. This is a deal that future doctors are offering in the streets of Brno to smokers today, the Brnensky denik daily writes. This initiative is a part of the Smoke Free Day.

Moreover, smokers who show interest will have the level of carbon monoxide in their blood stream checked.

The series of events which also includes lectures is organised by the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA).

Probably the most admirable event of all is a non-smoking party in a famous Brno club. Considering the fact that many students feel the need to smoke in campus courtyards between classes/lectures, kudos to the organisers… According to the daily the Smoke Free Party will take place in other Czech cities or in Vienna, Austria…

I wonder if the nature of the exchange (cigarettes for condoms) was motivated by the fact that the Czech word for “smoking cigarettes” is the same as the slang term for oral sex.

When it comes to students, a similar event should be held next month, titled “Your pot for three pounds of fruit of your choice”.


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