History for sale: a Baroque castle with a unique herd of white deer for $7M

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In the 18th century the United States had presidents and democracy, while the Czech Republic was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Noble people lived in castles and ordinary people often bowed their heads in the presence of “castle owners”.

In 2009 you can visit the website and type “zamek” (castle). You get maybe 30 search results. And if you have extra CZK 120,000,000 (i.e. $ 7,000,000), you can have this:

(c) M&M reality

(c) M&M reality

This is the Zehusice Castle, near the town of Kutna Hora, Central Bohemia. It is famous for its deer park where the unique white deer live! And the future owner will have both the castle and the herd.

According to the server, this early Baroque castle owned by the noble Thun-Hohenstein family was originally a Gothic stronghold. It was rebuilt several times. The English garden featuring a deer park with the herd of unique white deer was built in the 19th century.

(c) Chrudimsky denik

(c) Chrudimsky denik

And now, the castle is in terrible condition, the server writes. Its owners are the heirs of the original owners and they “got it back” in the restitution procedure after 1989. Only the deer park offers organized tours.

Owners of historical buildings often experience huge problems and “fights” with “landmark protection authorities”. They are widely considered the biggest bureaucrats when it comes to construction and development. Even an owner of a castle “in the middle of nowhere” that has been a ruin for decades will need the new windows, facade colours etc. approved…

Ironically, at the same time numerous landmarks owned by “the state” (or municipalities, regions, etc.) have been deteriorating because the owner slash administrator has no money to renovate…


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