I should have studied more, said a sign on ditch diggers’ workshirts

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A group of Prague ditch diggers became a walking ad promoting education (the website). The men voluntarily wore a T-shirt with a sign that said “I should have studied better”, numerous media wrote Thursday [you can see the photo here]. According to some of the news reports the men were given cigarettes and beer because any  form of financial royalty would be taxable and problematic (and it is waaay cheaper, too –ed).

However, on Thursday the workers changed their minds and refused to put the T-shirts on. According to the news server the men were low-income Roma workers from Slovakia, which means the idea of  “Czech men becoming nothing but ditch diggers” makes no sense…

The server called this initiative insulting.

The campaign organizers argue that it was based on the generally accepted thought that people who do not study hard will have limited options in terms of their future career choices. The Czech government minister for minorities argues, however, that manual job is not less noble than any other profession.

Come to think of it, it was humiliating, one of the workers said after the men realized people were making photos of them with their cell phones…


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  1. SBQPFg Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

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