Prague Street View: Czechs play the “Find A Problem” game

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The Prague version of Google Street View was introduced a few weeks ago and it has caused several problems so far, the news server writes. Several people have been “caught” and the Google company had to deal with their complaints.

A Google PR manager told the daily that people are one click away from “Reporting a Problem” and they may have their photo removed from the database. This may interest the bus driver who was photographed resting in his bus shirtless, or students sunbathing in front of their dorms (see the photo gallery in the second article – link above).

(c) Google via

(c) Google via

According to the daily there was even a photo of the mayor of one of Prague’s boroughs – and his face was not blurred. His fellow citizens started to make fun of him, saying he must be a ghost because the system did not recognize him as a human being…

The IT server has been urging people to send their own “discoveries”. This is what I found:

The licensse plate of this bike has not been blurred...

The license plate of this bike has not been blurred...

More coming up…


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