Brno Quick Tips: horseback riding

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There are two ranches in villages in the northern part of Brno that are in fact Brno boroughs. Both of them are departure points for hiking trails. One of the ranches is in Oresin and one in Sobesice.


(c) Petr Bokuvka

The “CH” Ranch is the one in Oresin. It offers horseback riding lessons and it has its own restaurant. It is located on a hill overlooking Brno and it can easily be reached on foot (a paved road) from the number 70 bus terminus. The fee is CZK 300 per hour (Oct 2009).

Panska licha is the one in Sobesice, or between the boroughs of Sobesice and Lesna. Unlike the CH Ranch, Panska licha is also a club. It is significantly larger and it has huge meadows. Also part of the facility is a three-star hotel and restaurant. It can be reached by the bus number 57.

Unfortunately, it seems like employees of the ranches and horse owners like to use the marked hiking trails for their rides, so people (mostly families, as these trails are very easy even for children) must constantly watch where they are going…


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