Tesco put up Christmas decorations on October 27. Is anyone out of their mind?

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Some people in Tesco probably think that the first company or store that reminds people of the upcoming Christmas will win the most customers and have them spend money. Tesco in downtown Brno put up Christmas decorations this week, i.e. almost two months before the Christmas Eve and one month “before winter”.

The store even has a TREE in the lobby.

This particular store is an old-fashioned department store. It has aisles with Tupperware next to groceries or underwear. The goods are usually “no name” and the atmosphere is absolutely terrible… Especially the clothes are hideous…

Be it as it may, having a Christmas tree in late October is ridiculous. Of course, it is a business strategy but in terms of holidays and observances it totally destroys the spirit…


4 Responses to “Tesco put up Christmas decorations on October 27. Is anyone out of their mind?”

  1. Here in the US, we will start to see Christmas decorations this coming Monday. But that is only because the stores here usually wait until after Halloween; otherwise it would probably be sooner.

    I agree that it’s crazy!

  2. I don’t know where in the US bel is from, but here in Arkansas, I’ve already seen quite a few stores with Christmas stock on the shelves. They definitely aren’t waiting for Halloween to pass.

  3. I find it hilarious that Tesco is pimping Christmas in arguably the most atheistic country in “Europe!” In fact Petr, did you not have convulsions when the Pope arrived to CZ? But Tesco is a Scottish-owned company, and not Czech, so maybe that makes a little more sense…? Er… no.

  4. sche- I am in the Northeast part of the US. Possibly Halloween is a bigger deal up here? Hard to know as I’ve never been to Arkansas. šŸ™‚ But I think I remember that it seemed in years past, that the Christmas stuff didn’t show up as early as it does now, anywhere.

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