Waiting for the swine flu: a matter of weeks, authorities say

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According to authorities, it is most likely a matter of weeks. So far there are only a few hundred confirmed cases of the “swine flu” in the Czech Republic, most of them “mild”.

Institutions, movie theaters and even schools would remain open to the extent possible, because “healthy” children can not stay at home and ill children for whom their parents don’t  find babysitting would go to daycare centres anyway. “Closing down schools is not a measure to prevent or resolve pandemic,” public hygiene office head says.

People are buying out face masks but they haven’t started wearing them, yet…

Moreover, many people have recently caught the “regular” flu, which is unusual, because the numbers of patients with the regular flu usually increase in February, not November…



One Response to “Waiting for the swine flu: a matter of weeks, authorities say”

  1. Swine flu was created in a lab, dont get vaccinated.

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