Fuck off, said the Brno Mayor to his Deputy. Twice.

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Fuck off, Martin. Fuck off, I say…

…said the Mayor of the City of Brno Roman Onderka to his Deputy Martin Ander during a session of the City Council, the news server wrote

The two politicians are coalition partners. Onderka is a social democrat and Ander is from the Green Party. Ander sought explanation from the Mayor how come a former municipal police officer who was found guilty of battery works for the MP again – as a civilian. Normally employees of the municipal police must have a clean criminal record. The exchange between the two politicians resulted in the insult… Here is how the Mayor explained himself…

In every relationship, there comes a time when you have to express your feelings in two or three words. A mayor is not made of stone, he has a heart and feelings.

However, according the another Deputy Mayor, Daniel Rychnovsky (Christian Democrats) the city coalition is like “a married couple who fight a lot but decide not to get a divorce for the sake of their children”. The local elections are scheduled to take place in June 2010.

If you ask me, I have nothing against these words in politics, if they are used under similar circumstances (face-to-face exchange). Sticks and stones… Mayors can have secret girlfriends and they can use the F-word from time to time, provided they pay attention to ordinary local issues, as they are required to…


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