Regular flu: sick kids go to schools, principals say

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Aside from the swine flu, the situation is getting worse in terms of the numbers of the people who have the “regular flu”. Some schools have recently been closed, as the Education Ministry and the Health Ministry issued a notice according to which school principals could make their decisions more freely.

However, some principals have been reporting an increase in the numbers of children (students) who keep going to schools and are seen taking their pills regularly during/in class, the Radio Impuls radio station reported today. “Apparently, the kids’ parents could not stay home with their children, so they were sent to school, even though they should probably be in bed,” one principal was quoted as saying.

It should be noted that the tradition of babysitting is absolutely un-developed in this country. But even if it was developed, I don’t think anyone would risk their health under the present conditions. According to the Czech legislation, parents are entitled to apply for a special kind of paid leave the purpose of which is to take care of an ill child. However, many parents find it “risky” in times when companies are reducing staff numbers (i.e. as it may become clear who their company can do well without).

2 Responses to “Regular flu: sick kids go to schools, principals say”

  1. Petr, it’s exactly the same here in Poland. My daughter’s class is 18 kids (6yrs old), recently there have been no more than 5 attending and half of those shouldn’t have been there!

    It is a problem with parents sending sick kids to school because they have no babysitting options available.

  2. The reason could be working grandparents.

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