Two Czech Airlines planes involved in a near collision incident

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Two Czech Airlines aircraft were involved in what authorities call a “near collision” incident on July 11, the news server writes, citing the final report on this incident.

An Airbus A319 en route from Oslo, Norway was ordered by ATC to descend to FL160 but the captain descended to FL150. According to the daily the F/O noticed the inconsistency and voiced his objection but was overruled by the captain. The other aircraft involved was an ATR-42 returning to Prague from Berlin, Germany.

A spokesman for the pilots’ association rushed in to say that there was no imminent danger to the people on board as both planes were equipped with TCAS. At one point the vertical separation was 200 ft and the horizontal separation was 1.12 nm – which was a violation of the rules concerning the separation minima.

Full text of the report here [in Czech].

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