Czech-Slovak Idol 2009 theme song: wow

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NOTE: please ignore this post for the time being, the video that is linked below was removed from YouTube due to copyright claims. I am trying to find a new one…

This year the Idol contest is a joint effort of both Czech and Slovak organizers. I rarely watched the previous seasons, but this season kicks ass: these finalists are really good. They can sing, the girls are gorgeous and the men are good-looking enough for the music industry. Here they are performing the theme song of this season, written by one of the judges:


2 Responses to “Czech-Slovak Idol 2009 theme song: wow”

  1. Wow, they are good looking! It is strange to see a black guy speak Czech! That’s great!

  2. […] The Czech Daily Word wrote yesterday about the famous singing competition – the Czech Idol. This time the producers decided to put Slovak and Czech competitors together so there is a lot of talent. And as Peter Boruvka remarked, they are all very good looking! What made my brain hurt (since I am not used to it) is when I was watching the black guy  singing in Czech! How amazing that the Czech Republic has become so multicultural! […]

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