Micronesia to Czechs: We are afraid of your power plant

In Economy, Education & Science, Health, Politics on December 19, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , ,

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The Czech Ministry of Environment recently received a very unusual official letter – from the government of Micronesia, or, to be exact, its Environment Protection Agency. Its officials expressed concerns about the soon-to-be-innovated coal-fired power plant in the Czech town of Prunerov, the news server writes.

Once innovated (i.e. once its operations are extended), the power plant will play a crucial negative role in the production of greenhouse gases. And since the government of Micronesia knows what oceans do as a result of greenhouse gas production, they have the right to be afraid.

According to the news server the Prunerov thermal power plant is the biggest producer of GG in the Czech Republic. The government of Micronesia wants to be involved in EIA proceedings, to which Czech authorities and companies involved in the procedure do not object. Of course Greenpeace is taking Micronesia’s side, arguing that any motion or decision ruled in favor of Micronesia would mean a very important precedent in the future…


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