Racism on Czech Facebook: do not support black Haitians, they are over-populated and the Earth is not inflatable

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Some of the members who got tricked into joining...

Over 100,000 Czech Facebook users were tricked into joining a "let's help Haiti" group...

Originally, it was a For every member who joins, CZK 10 will go to a Haiti relief fund group…

Over 140,000 Czechs joined (by January 18, 4:20 CET). Some of them maybe didn’t even believe that the mysterious user named “Adela Sobotkova” would actually donate the money.

But shortly afterwards, the main description of the group changed, from a charitable appeal to a racist statement. And since Facebook is a U.S. server, it is most definitely subject to the First Amendment (although I might be wrong here…).

Here is what is says now: There is no reason to support them, the Earth is not inflatable. This will result in them having more and more children, or at least to extend their hands and wait for self-destructive white people to give them something…

The authors claim it was a sociological experiment!! Yeah, right…

They continue: Instead of supporting complete strangers, help your loved ones. Visit your grandparents, buy a present for your partner or go on a trip with your kids. Do not live virtual reality with blacks from Haiti.

This is racism. This is not an experiment the purpose of which would be to prove that “Facebook users join stupid groups without thinking”. It is true that the relationship between an actual donation and a number of people in a Facebook group makes no real sense. If you have money, donate them… But the users who were tricked into joining maybe did both: they joined AND sent a special-rate SMS…

And fellow Facebook users stood up… Right now there are ten groups warning about the racist group or supporting its shutdown.

One Response to “Racism on Czech Facebook: do not support black Haitians, they are over-populated and the Earth is not inflatable”

  1. It’s very absurd to see that the people of the Czech republic can be manipulated by a bunch of stupid racist morons to being so racist based on the fact that helping desperate haitians after a gruesome earthquake is helping strangers.Shame on them and let them know that the world is shifting it’s focus in these desperate haitians because they are people too.

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