First Czech sentenced to “house arrest” to do time

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House arrest is a new form of “sentence” in the Czech penal code. The first Czech “convict” to be sentenced to house arrest started to do time yesterday. However, his sentence is limited to curfew between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., the Blesk daily reports.

Mr. Stefan Rolnik was sentenced to one-year house arrest for battery. Furthemore, the court also ordered the man to refrain from drinking alcohol for the same period of time, as he was intoxicated during the attack.

People sentenced to house arrest will be supervised by probation officers who will make sure the convicts comply with the conditions of the sentence. In case of any violation the person must automatically go to prison. Rolnik, who has two children, was quoted by the daily as saying that he is of course happy to be with his family under the defined circumstances…

According to the daily, the inspections must be frequent since the digital bracelets are not available yet.


3 Responses to “First Czech sentenced to “house arrest” to do time”

  1. He is not allowed to drink but can go out during the day – good luck with that 😉

  2. […] A house-arrest sentence is a very new thing in the Czech Republic. It used to be that you go to jail or you don’t go to jail and house arrest was left for the disobedient kids. Petr Boruvka informs us about the very first felon who was given such an ‘awful’ punishment. Read about him right here. […]

  3. So in other words, he’s been sentenced to behave like an ordinary middle-aged Czech man: Sit at home in front of TV, chain-smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of beer even though he’s not supposed to.

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