Public transportation employees will strike

In Economy on February 23, 2010 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

UPDATE: according to a new plan the strike will take place on Thursday, March 4

Thousands of employees of public transportation companies will strike on Monday, March 1. This is their way to protest against the Czech government’s plan to impose tax on employee benefits that these people have so far been receiving, exempt from taxes. The benefits include “free passes”, meal coupons etc.

Transportation labor unions are considered to be one of the “most organized” labor unions in the country and everytime they are on strike, the rest of the country hates them. So far these strikes were limited to one kind of public transport (either Czech Rail employees only, or tram/metro employees only, etc.).

Of course, most Czechs have no compassion for these people. Most Czechs work for SME’s where there are no labour union organizations, or they do not care about being in one. Some of them think “if you do not like the perks that go with your job, find a new job”.

According to some labor union representatives, if the Czech MP’s fail to adopt the appropriate amendments to legislation, more strikes will follow…

I will have a “how the city of Brno lives without its public transportation” photo gallery here…


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