LN: Many Czech schools hire religious societies to teach sex ed

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Way too many Czech schools hire or appoint religious societies and NGO’s to teach sex ed. It is dangerous because they teach “abstinence only”, the teacher is not present during the lectures and they lie to children, for example by saying that condoms do not protect against HIV, the Lidove noviny daily wrote today, citing an extensive research the paper has recently conducted.

According to experts quoted by the daily this form of sex education can influence only children who are raised in a similar way by their own parents (i.e. Roman Catholics, etc.).

Most schools appoint religious societies because they are cheap, or their services are even free of charge. No surprise, because their fee or reward is the possibility to be able to teach what they believe in. However, there is a strict separation of church and state in Czech public schools and certain restrictions apply in terms of religious societies being given space for their “lectures”.

The Czech UIV Institute conducted a “flash research”, with the following results (selection):

  • only 4 percent of schools arrange special/separate sex ed lectures for boys and girls
  • 90 percent of sex ed teachers are women
  • 60 percent of sex ed teachers are biology teachers and “sex ed” is a part of biology classes curriculum
  • 25 percent of schools have an educator who teaches “Family Education”, making sex ed a part of this course
  • most schools have their own teachers-employees talk with children, while inviting a real expert for “open discussions” (i.e. “what do you want to know” QaA) is the second most frequent method
  • demonstrations and “tools” (“condom on a banana”) are used almost exclusively at large schools in bigger cities

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