Prince Charles will visit Brno – to discuss the environment with students

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Several students from Brno will soon be instructed in protocol. Prince Charles will visit Brno on March 23.

The trip to Brno will be a part of his official visit to the Czech Republic. His program in the South Moravian Region includes a debate with selected students of Masaryk University on environmental protection issues. “The debate participants were carefully chosen based on their academic achievements,” said a representative of the university.

…which, I think, is not the best way to discuss hot issues. Not all people who have good grades have the brightest ideas. There are book-smart people and there are reality-smart people. Some students might be average in terms of grades but their input and hidden talents might prove helpful. Just look at politicians who deal with the environment: no real progress here…and one might think that elected representatives are “the best that the country has to offer”.  — I will try to get in as a journalist. 🙂 However, I am fairly convinced that this debate is going to be too diplomatic and too academic. Al Gore would be a better partner for discussions with Czech university students. Is one allowed to say “you are wrong” to a member of the British royal family?


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