The City of Brno to count its homeless

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The Municipality of the City of Brno organised its regular homeless-person count Thursday night. Thirty groups of students were assigned locations and went there after sunset to look for persons who definitely look like (and, therefore, might very well be) homeless, the news server wrote.

The city government chose the “safer” way to do this – the students were told to observe, not to approach the individuals and talk to them.

How could they tell that a particular person was homeless?

Untidy appearance, several layers of clothing, plastic shopping bags, or worn-out shoes that are inconsistent with the current weather, one of the city’s social workers Jiri Sejbal said.

Based on this “headcount” the authorities will have the basic idea. Of course, they need to add people who were hospitalised at that time, or people who are assigned rooms/beds in asylum centres…

However, according to my observations, there are other indices that have to be taken into consideration. For example, there are numerous men who can be seen on park benches during the day. They have nice and clean jeans and shoes and usually out-of-style jackets. They have no plastic bags containing their worldly possessions, but you can still tell that this is their way to kill time (because some asylum centres only allow clients after 6:00 p.m.).

And so according to the most recent combined research, the total number will be 1,400.


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  1. Great story. Fiji regime should take heed and do likewise.

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