Hooters to open its first restaurant in Prague on June 4

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After McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Starbucks etc. there is one more symbol of American dining that will offer its yummy services to Czechs. And I mean yummy. Hooters is coming to the Czech Republic. The grand opening will take place on June 4. The concept will fit the Prague restaurant scene perfectly. American cuisine is very popular among Czech restaurant-goers, many of whom are snobs who think that being seen at a certain establishment (e.g. a Michelin restaurant, or well-known cafés) is a part of their image. Plus, it is a well-known thing that Czech girls are hot, so they should not have a problem finding the best employees.

They are hiring now…

Some people might protest against the way the jobs are advertised, though. Basically, it is illegal to discriminate applicants based on their looks and one might argue that serving drinks is a task for which huge tits are not a must. Let’s just hope that no frustrated applicant will challenge the hiring methods in courts, just “to show ’em”.

The ad includes the request for “appearance consistent with the Hooters overall concept”… Which basically means D cups…

In case you have just opened your diary, here is a map with the future location…


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