Czech ombudsman Otakar Motejl dead at 77

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The first and so far the only person to ever hold the office of the so-called Public Defender of Rights (a.k.a. ombudsman) Otakar Motejl died on Sunday. He was 77.

Motejl was one of the most respected Czech public personalities. He assumed the office in 2000. He also was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic (1993-1998) and he held the office of the Justice Minister in the government of then-PM Milos Zeman. Prior to the Velvet Revolution he was also defense attorney in several cases where noted dissidents were on trial.

He was a heavy smoker but according to the most recent information his death (he died in a hospital) was not related to smoking and any related consequences thereof.

The Czech ombudsman is a symbol of the last resort in the Czech Republic, as hundreds of people who feel great injustice in dealings with authorities and their decisions turn to him. And since Motejl was one of the most respected personalities, the claimants felt that “they will accept whatever he would say”…

According to the news server he was considered as one of the potential candidates for the office of the president of the Czech Republic (in the Czech Republic, presidents are elected by both chambers of the Parliament)…


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