Politicians: Bicyclists should be allowed to drink alcohol

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The South Moravian Region is known for its vineyards and viniculture as such. One of the most successful ways to attract tourists are wine trails: bike paths among vineyards and villages with almost zero traffic where bicyclists can ride across the region.

However, it is illegal to be “under the influence” or “intoxicated” while riding a bike. According to wine cellar owners, this  is a huge paradox: bicyclists-tourists come for wine sampling but the law says they cannot drink alcohol…

Social democrats smell a chance to impress their voters. They want to adopt a law accordig to which a certain amount of alcohol would be tolerated, the Brnensky denik daily wrote. Member of Parliament Jiri Petru argues that the legislators who want to propose the amendment sought inspiration in Austria, where bicyclists can ride their bikes ever after they’ve had a few glasses (samples) of wine. Unions of wine producers approve the efforts.

However, opposition politicians argue that traffic rules should apply to bicylists everywhere and that it is not possible to have an extra set of rules for “wine trails” and another set of rules for roads bicyclists have to cross or use to get from one wine trail to another…

Photo: (c) (Bike Journeys)


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