Brno. One town. Six street sign designs

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Street signs are a typical element of city architecture everywhere. Provo, Utah, for example, has white letters on green background. Bigger cities, like Los Angeles, have street signs hanging on traffic light poles. The most important thing is that the street sign design is unified throughout the city.

In Brno, Czech Republic, it is not. There are at least six different street sign designs, in terms of font, size, color etc (pictured below are only five).

Number 1: One of the oldest designs. It survived the Velvet Revolution probably because the building has not been renovated much, and (more importantly, I guess) because the street was not renamed, unlike many other streets that had communism-related names. Josef Dobrovsky was one of the most important personalities of the Czech National Revival.

Number 2: The same as number 1, except for the color. For unknown reasons blue paint was used for this sign. The number 7 (VII) refers to the number of the borough. This numbering is no longer used, as you can see from the newer signs below…

Number 3: The same street as number 2, named after Frantisek Palacky, 19th century historian and politician. The design is new and the obsolete borough number is not used. As you can see, all these signs are nailed to walls of corner-of-the-street buildings. This is the way it is done in the Czech Republic. Street signs are placed on whatever stands on street corners (walls, fences…). Utility poles and other methods are a huge exception…

Number 4: This is what happens when a building is renovated and it is necessary to have a new sign made. Obviously the person who had this sign made did not care much. Of course, they did not have the right stencil..

Number 5: Sometimes a sign has to be placed on a building from a side that is not consistent with the street where entrances are located. Therefore, it is necessary to add numbers for better orientation… This particular design is the most frequent one, save for the numbers…

These five different street signs can be found during a 15-minut walk through one particular borough…


One Response to “Brno. One town. Six street sign designs”

  1. Since I arrived in Brno I always wondered about all this different styles; this is a brilliant clarification!

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