Burger King Brno premiere: June 1

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There are five Burger King restaurants in Prague, which makes the “find the nearest BK restaurant near you” feature on Burger King website ridiculous. There is a map of the Czech Republic with five circles on Prague, and that’s it…

But not for long. The first Burger King restaurant outside Prague will open on June 1. It will be located in the Olympia Mall in the town of Modrice, just outside Brno (which is why it is usual to refer to it as being “in Brno”). The restaurant will be a part of the mall’s food court and according to the current layout plan the three major fast food companies will be next to one another – McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King.

Numerous food critics who “specialize in” fast food restaurants claim that the meat offered by Burger King is tastier (in terms of the grilling process) … and so are their French fries.

The problem with the Olympia Mall food court is that all restaurants are built in a semi-rectangle with one common seating area in the middle. It is hard to find free tables there already and with a new restaurant with no seating area of its own, it will get worse.

Plus, it is more than common to see guests leaving their trays on tables, either because they cannot find garbage cans easily (they are concealed with wooden panels, so that they do not look so ugly) or because they are just lazy and arrogant and stupid.


2 Responses to “Burger King Brno premiere: June 1”

  1. I used to work for Burger King, long time ago now. The burgers are better than McDonalds, depending on your taste of course, less sugary and plastic. The fact the meat is grilled as opposed to fried does make a difference.

    Their fries always used to be worse than McDonalds but then they invented some new variety that were about as good. Trouble is that the last time I tried some in Warsaw they seemed to have gone back to the old ones, which are really nasty! Hope that Brno gets the good variety.

  2. I agree that BurgerKing is the best tasting hamburger and fries, McDonalds is unigue and for those who like that. However, is it possible to have a Czech style fast food based on the traditional Czech menu? Can it be nutritious and affordable? Czech sausage is outstanding! American restaurants are falling over each other to design a better carp recipe.

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